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1 Kolam for 1 Family........Try it ..You will like it ...............its symbols of luck & happiness
Polystyrene Rangoli Kolam is one of the successful product in the market. What is Rangoli Kolam? Rangoli Kolam playing an important role in Indian community. Applying Rangoli Kolam will bring good luck and avoid bad luck. It's bring positive power and destroy negative power. That's why we applying Rangoli Kolam in Indian festival. 

Normally to apply rangoli kolam, it's will take almost 2 to 4 hours to complete. But now with Polystyrene Rangoli Kolam, you can save you time and cost.

Polystyrene Rangoli Kolam can call as ready made kolam. It's design and made from poly foam Material. It's flexible, easy, can apply anywhere and can use anywhere. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application. It's save your tiles.Polystyrene Rangoli Kolam is very suitable to apply in apartment area. 

How to apply it ? The customer only need to apply color rice in empty place on the board and  the design will begin to shown. Highlight if the product is you can save your time and cost.Customer only need almost 1/2 hour to complete this kolam. Beside that, this is repeated use board and you can use many time for all Indian festival and function. Apart color rice you can also use color jelly and flowers to decorate Polytyrene Rangoli Kolam.  

Polystyrene Rangoli Kolam is Suitable for our present and future generation. We have more than 20 design in the market. So why want to waste your time, Buy our product, try our product and save your time. We promise ,you wont regret